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Refining plant with multiple purposes:
  • Precious Metals
  • Precious Gems
  • Gypsum
  • Kaolin
  • Halloysite
  • And many others

The whole system is designed to handle small particles, introduce them to a lixiviant, classify and separate. The Pan Filter is vacuum actuated and draws the liquids away from the ore and cakes the residual. This plant was originally designed for the extraction of oil from oil sands so the entirety of the plant is Class 1 Div. 2


Item Description:

The Oil Extraction machine is 40’ tall and occupies approximately 3,800 square feet. This Machine uses a 16′ Vacuum assisted BOKELA pan filter aided with a series of Hydro-Cyclones to extract Oil from the Ore at a rate of approximately 100 tons per hour. This process could be adapted for many other uses such as Mineral extraction, Precious metals, Gypsum, etc. etc.

Oil sands are an unconventional oil resource where heavy; tar like oil is trapped in sand with a consistency similar to that of fresh blacktop. This resource is technically challenging to recover. In Sparks, Nevada a new technology has been developed to use solvents to cleanly remove the oil form the oil sands. This technology allows for greater removal efficiency of oil and eliminates the need for the massive water usage and generation of tailing ponds.

This oil extraction process consists of a mixer, Vacuum system, slurry pumps, sonic gauges and meters, air purification system, storage vessels, hydro-cyclones and a rotating pan filter. Oil sands will be first mixed with a class IIIB heavy solvent (chosen for its low flammability). Next, the ore solvent slurry mix will be pumped into hydro-cyclones, where the majority of the solvent will be separated from the Ore. The concentrated ore/solvent slurry flows down onto a 16 foot Vacuum assisted Bokela rotating pan filter, where the remaining solvent will be separated from the ore. The ore and solvent will then be transported into separate storage tanks. The discharged ore and solvent can then be recombined and recycled through the unit again for additional testing, minimizing waste generated by the process.

The Dynamic De-oxygenation unit is a repetitive process designed to extract Oxygen/hydrocarbons from material using Nitrogen injected through air knives in the down tube at a maximum flow rate of 70 SCFM or 4200SCFHr. The material travels on a series of conveyors (480V 10Hp motors with gear reduction) All data and activity is recorded and monitored through a series of Hazardous location sensors and cameras. The material drops through the down tube where a Feeder (interchangeable Gravimetric or Posimetric) controls the amount to continue on the repetitive process. The process continues until desired Oxygen/hydrocarbons level is reached. At which point Material is loaded into hoppers and transported to the extraction process. Oil Extraction process over view:

  • Ore is deposited in De-Ox using forklift drum handler attachment through a 2 inch grizzly
  • Ore is repetitively processed through a series of Nitrogen discharging knives in downtube until desired Oxygen levels are reached.
  • Ore is dispelled into Forklift mounted hydraulic hopper and transported to the Oil extraction process machinery (SAPU-Lite)
  • Ore is dumped into hopper at base of Belt conveyor and fed up to drum mixer.
  • Solvent is then mixed with ore, then dumped down through Swecco screen into Flexicon screw conveyor system.
  • Ore/solvent slurry is elevated up to Hydro-Cyclones where the majority of the solvent will be extracted.
  • Ore/Solvent slurry will flow down to Bokela pan Filter (remaining solvent will be separated from ore)
  • Cake/solvent/Product will be separated into separate storage tanks
  • Cake to be dispelled
  • Solvent to be reused
  • Product to be stored in tanks on-site

We have plans prepared by the previous owners engineers, structural engineering, all equipment, and labeled structural steel for this equipment. All equipment from this in door facility has low hours, the facility was at full operation for about 3 1/2 months. We have many spare parts and equipment such as:

  • Spare mixers, shafts, and mixer blades
  • HAZMAT containment
  • HAZMAT Spill clean up
  • Spare parts and rebuild kits
  • Safety equipment
  • Complete Nut and Bolt section
  • Spare valves and gauges
  • Tools and equipment

Brief: Pan Filter Pricessing Plant [PDF]

Equipment List:
  • Bokela Pan Filter: 16’ XXS-type Vacuum Pan Filter (12 m2)
  • Vacuum Pump: XL-250 ductile iron recirc vacuum pump- complete with Electric motor, pump and outlet knowout drum, bypass valve, vacuum seal liquid system, double mechanical seal and seal plan.
  • Swivel Mixer: 201010 2DH-s, 20 rpm, 50Hp 480v Class 1 division 2 Group D electric motor w/ 20 gpm hydraulic pump, and 60 gallon hydraulic Tank
  • Vessel: 5m3 liter jacketed SS tank with baffles
  • Vessel: 6m3 liter SS tank
  • Vertical Filtrate Collection Vessel: # V-1103A
  • Vertical Filtrate Separator Vessel: # V-1103B
  • Aerzen Rotary Lobe Blower: Model GM 10S DN100
  • Atmospheric Tank: Dilbit #V-1405
  • Glycol Cooling Unit: A-2221
  • Hydrocyclone skid: Krebbs S1102A-4-Place gMAX6-3379
  • Hydrocyclone skid: Krebbs S1102B-3-Place gMAX8-3221
  • Hoist: Cordless Stahl 5 ton w/ under running trolley
  • Flexible Screw Conveyor: 4” 12 Gauge steel on hopper
  • 6” Passive SONAR Meter: Expro FIT-5003
  • 4” Passive SONAR meter: Expro FIT-1009
  • Heat Exchanger: TV-100
  • Swecco screen: 42” triple deck
  • Calgon/carbon air purification system: Extraction fan (966 cfm unit) and two stage carbon filtration in series, each has three carbon filters in parallel
  • Filtrate pump: KSB Hazardous location 1,703 rpm, Flow:  100m3/hr.
  • Slurry pump: Hazardous location GIW 213m3/hr. slurry pump
  • Heel re-slurry pump: KSB Hazardous location, 2,994 rpm, Flow: 25 m3/hr.
  • Conveyor: 2’x20’ Chevron Belt Conveyor
  • Magnetic Drive pump: (2) Coker Pump 622FSBB
  • Delta V control center




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